It can be a humbling experience to put your hard work out for all to see and find out people don’t like it. It can be even more humbling if they love it, but no one will ever see it.
Such was the case for a recent project that tested our creativity and our willingness to keep pushing. We were working on a social media video that all three of us really liked, and so did our clients. In fact, some very high profile influencers said they’d never seen something so well-produced and creative before. We don’t want to say who because we don’t want clients to think every time something happens behind closed doors, we’ll blog about it - except their name rhymes with Dustin Himberbake. That’s not true. But we also wanted to share this story because A) It may show a unique behind the scenes look at producing videos. B) This story may provide inspiration for readers on how to get past an obstacle both in your personal and professional life.
Back to the story, our clients loved the original video. But those very same high-profile influencers were worried about how the video would be perceived in the public. It’s a very important question to ask, especially in these times of social media and how fast something well-intentioned can spread like wild fire the wrong direction.
Without these influencers okay, our video was going nowhere. So after consulting with our main client – we gave them three options:
      1.) Cut our losses and call it quits.
      2.) Change the video slightly and hope for the best.
      3.) Think creatively while using the same premise of the video.
We didn’t want to choose 1. So we started with 2, but it turned out to be unworkable. So we ended on 3. We changed the sequencing of shots and added a voice over. While it certainly wasn’t what the client or we had envisioned in the beginning, it was enough to make everyone happy and most importantly, help the client get the word out about themselves through a clever video.
The lessons we learned?
      -You don’t always get what you want.
      -There’s always a way.
      -Sometimes ordinary ‘strong will’ can propel an extraordinary project forward.
If this sounds good to you, let us help you AMPlify your story!

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