“Let’s get ready to rumble! When a Twin Cities Summer Jam concert-goer screamed that into one of our cameras, let’s just say we knew we were in the right place to capture some great footage. Our goal was simple: aim for the heart by showing viewers what it was like to be at the inaugural festival in Minnesota. How do you do that? Well, capturing the musicians is important, but capturing the people is absolutely critical. Not just video of them, but sound from them. If you skip that, then what you have is one dimensional, colorless, and ordinary. 
We had a team of four capturing video, sound, pictures and drone footage. We did this all day and then while the concert-goers slept, we were wide awake, working out of a camper on the festival grounds so we could script and edit all night long. We’d typically finish the daily video at 5am, send it off to our client and they’d approve and post to their social media channels in the morning. 
We are really proud of the videos we created and so is our client. You can find the videos on the “Video Production” section of our website. Let us know what you think. We worked hard to capture the joy, the comradery, people’s love for music and each other with a backdrop of some pretty unbelievable musicians.  
For us, the takeaway from this experience is clear. If you make people feel something, they are more likely to do something. And in this case, that something is getting people excited about this incredible music festival.

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