It was just a few months back when Shawn came to tC and I asking us to join together and form a production company. His ask was almost as anticlimactic as our response - “Sure”. That was it. 
So if you would have asked us back then that the three of us would be spending a Saturday afternoon shooting a series of high-profile social media commercials just a few short months later, I’d guess all of us would have said, “That would be cool yet unrealistic.”
But that’s exactly what happened. We’ve formed AMPonStage, LLC and we’re now working with interesting people AMPlifying their stories. See what we did there. 
In this case, we worked with our client on a series of social media commercials while having fun doing it - always aiming for the heart. We talked through her vision, asking what she wanted the audience to feel after watching these videos, which is a very important question to gather when producing a video story. From there, we all came up with a focus, scouted a location, put together a shot sheet - essentially a plan of attack. We’re so excited to release these videos. On a related note - some very high profile entertainers have seen our stuff and have been complimentary! What?! 
The moral of our story? Don’t be afraid to start telling yours. We’re doing this work simply because one day we decided to. Sometimes it’s that easy. Sometimes it’s not. But you’ll never find out by doing nothing. Who knows where our journey will lead us, but it sure will be fun to find out. 
And as always, if you think we can help or know something we don’t, give us a shout!

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