If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s to expect the unexpected. So recently when the Upper Midwest Regional Emmy nominations came out, we didn’t know what to expect. It turns out, 2020 doesn’t completely stink. Our fellow video storytellers nominated AMPonStage for two Emmy nominations – one in the photography category and the other in the entertainment category. This was our first attempt at the Emmys as a company, so to be nominated is a huge honor, and a big win for our small company.
Why are we telling you this? To brag, of course! The ceremony will be virtual for obvious reasons, so that’s a bummer. No dressing up and leaving the kids with the dogs. Damn! But that’s okay because what these nominations have taught us is pretty simple. If it weren’t for our clients trusting us with their stories, we wouldn’t be here. And if it weren’t for our families letting us work longer hours to tell those stories, we wouldn’t be here. And if it weren’t for a lot of people along the way telling us our story mattered, we wouldn’t be here. 
We always like to impart some life lesson at the end of these blog posts. So, I guess it’s this – damn it, we hope we win! Wait, no. It’s the fact that you never quite know where you’re headed in life, but if you work hard and surround yourself with good people who want to do good work for good people - sometimes you get a nut.    
Here’s a link to the nominations. Good luck to all our fellow nominees! Except the ones in our categories. We kid. We kid.

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