We produced this video to help promote and announce the headliner bands for this year's Twin Cities Summer Jam!
We produced this video with footage from the 2019 Twin Cities Summer Jam festival to showcase what the event experience is all about!
A local Minnesota casino used this video to promote an upcoming concert. AMPonStage did not shoot the video but we were tasked to make it better. And we did. How do we know? By changing the music and improving the edits, it dramatically improved their ticket sales. According to a client contact, the marketing team emailed the original video to supporters urging them to buy tickets. When the client emailed the same message but with our video a few weeks later, the amount of tickets they sold tripled. We’d say that’s a success. 
We produced this video in 15 hours. Our client wanted a recap of their day two event to push out on social media the following morning. After working through the night, they were thrilled with the result. 
AMPonStage worked with the Chris Hawkey Band to promote its recent Minnesota Vikings season kickoff concert that captured the band's show but also teased to its upcoming year. AMPonStage married the band's raw passion with stunning, high-flying visuals that resulted in an authentic yet polished video Chris Hawkey loved!
We approached Emily's music video much like we do with any other client. Tell a story. We got to know her and what she wants. We established a story focus and once we did that, it all fell into place.
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